H2020 Flexible Power Plants workshop

Different paths towards Europe’s climate goals
On 19 November 2020, INEA, the Innovation and Networks Executive Agency of the European Commission, organised a coordination workshop, bringing around the same virtual table all the on-going H2020 Flexible Power Plants projects.
The representatives from PUMP-HEAT (G.A. n. 764706), Turbo-Reflex (G.A. n. 764545), sCO2flex (G.A. n. 764690), HYFLEXPOWER (G.A. n. 884229), ARBAHEAT (G.A. n. 818349), and, of course, FLEXnCONFU (G.A. n. 884157) participated to the virtual workshop. The panel included almost all the …

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FLEXnCONFU’s newsletter is out!

FLEXnCONFU’s first newsletter is out!
This periodic publication will feature the latest information about the project and its results.
The first issue focuses on the activities occurred during the first six months of the project (April 2020 – September 2020) and the progresses in the different Work Packages.
Download it now by clicking here.

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FLEXnCONFU presented at ETN’s webinar on Flexible Power Generation

On 3 November 2020, a panel composed by the representatives of four different partners presented FLEXnCONFU at ETN Global’s webinar on Flexible Power Generation.
The one-hour long webinar offered the chance to showcase the project and its goals,as well as to discuss with our experts the technologies and the innovative solutions we are developing. The main topics covered during the webinar have been power-to-hydrogen solutions, power-to-ammonia solutions and the installation of those technologies in a real-life CCGT like EDP’s Ribatejo …

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FLEXnCONFU Concept & Objectives

FLEXnCONFU – FLEXibilize combined cycle power plant through Power- to-X solutions using non-CONventional fuels

The energy transition towards a carbon neutral society can be achieved through the integration of renewable energy sources (RES) into the grid balanced with dispatchable centralised power generation plants. This poses a flexibility challenge for the thermal power generation sector, called to feed the grid in presence of a lack of RES. In order to tackle this challenge, the EU’s Horizon 2020 …

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FLEXibilize combined cycle power plant through Power-to-X solutions using non-CONventional FUels is a research project funded by Horizon2020 EU’s research and innovation programme (GA 884157)

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