Impact 1 — Smart, secure and more resilient power system

FLEXnCONFU will enlarge CC possibility of offering services on the ancillary services market guaranteeing a more secure, clean and resilient power system. FLEXnCONFU solution will stimulate electric/gas grid interaction and increase EU energy independence enabling EU CC plants to act as hub of gas/electric grid flexibility services.

Impact 2 — Smoother operation of fossil fuel power plants

Reduction of minimum load: – 10%
Increase of yearly efficiency: – 5%
Increase yearly EOH: + 5/10% according to the location of the CC
Reduction of yearly start-up numbers: -10%
Quicker ramp up/down with load gradient +10/15%
Reduction of NG consumption and related emissions: -10/20% of GHGeq

Impact 3 — Energy system adaptation to intermittent RES

Promotion of P2G2P solutions for GT/CC, exploiting excess of power to produce potential GT fuels like H2/NH3 are the best option to flexibilise the cycles, guaranteeing a smoother operation than a traditional battery to be then coupled and releasing power to the grid.