Project Deliverables

Work Package 1 - Scenario analysis and requirements definition
Work Package 2 - Combustion system compatibility with non-conventional fuels
  • D2.6 – Evaluation of the Global impact of H2/NH3 based combustion processes
  • D2.7 – Design of an enhanced DENOx system for the H2/nitrogenated combustion system
Work Package 3 - Integrated plant: balance of plant innovations, control and dynamics
Work Package 4 - Advanced solutions for Power to Ammonia
Work Package 5 - TRL7: Integration and demonstration
Work Package 6 - Scale-up and replicability
  • D6.1 – Analysis of flow process depending on strategy of hybridation
  • D6.5 – Techno-economic benchmarking identifying other uses for the produced H2
Work Package 7 - FLEXnCONFU impacts and benchmarking
Work Package 8 - Dissemination, communication and exploitation
Work Package 9 - Project Coordination and Management