Development, integration and demonstration of power to hydrogen solution to increase the EDP’s Ribatejo combined cycle power plant flexibility. This would increase the power plant flexibility and efficiency, while decreasing the GHG emissions and the use of natural gas.


Target: 1000 operating hours for the Power to Hydrogen solution connected with the combined cycle power plant.


Demonstration of power to ammonia solution at lab scale. In order to achieve this objective, a small-scale ammonia reactor for NH3 synthesis will be designed, developed and tested, selecting the most suitable catalyzer and pressre/temperature operating conditions.

Target: Power to Ammonia system working at T<400˚C and p<80bar

Gas Turbine Fuel Flexibility

Design, development and test a gas turbine combustion system able to burn hydrogen and/or ammonia. This will be achieved by:

  • Burning different blends of natural gas/ammonia/hydrogen in a heavy-duty gas turbine combustion system and issuing guidelines for future gas turbine modification.
  • Developing innovative NOx mitigation technologies and strategies.
  • Re-design and test a modified NH3/H2 fueled micro gas turbine able to operate up to 100% NH3.


Target: 30%H2 and 100%NH3 in combustion test for heavy duty gas turbines; 100% NH3 in modified micro gas turbine.

Advanced Control System

Development of control algorithms focusing on flexibility enhancement and power grid interoperability. In order to achieve the objective a development of proper reduced order models to FLEXnCONFU dynamic modelling will be carried out, followed by the definition of innovative control strategies and the development of advanced predictive controls. The control algorithm will be implemented and tests in both the power to ammonia and power to hydrogen systems.

Target: computational duration reduction up to 25%

Economic, Safety and Environmental Sustainability

Demonstration of economic and safety feasibility, social viability and environmental sustainability of the novel solutions.


Target: GHG reduction up to 20% – Pay Back Period up to 8 years – 3 Feasibility studies performed